valentines flowers 2012 – Flower Decoration on the 2012 Sierra Madre Rose Float Starts at 7 p.m.

valentines flowers 2012

valentines flowers 2012With only two days and 20 hours before the move to the left, the Tournament of Roses parade of 123, Sierra Madre of people and their neighbors, many villages have started to decorate the final stretch of the Sierra Madre Rose complete 80 – Association of entry into float international reputation.

The parade will begin at 8 am at the corner of Orange Grove and Colorado boulevards in Pasadena, east of Sierra Madre Boulevard, then north on the site after watching the parade in Gaza Michillinda middle stretches of the ‘orange grove.

To complete the work is done in the Association of Fleet Farm, near Sierra Vista Park Sierra Madre Boulevard, with completion expected before Saturday, 31/12/2011 Sunday is 1/1/2012 – although a parade Monday 2 to 1.

Although the materials are applied to dry on Friday, complete floral float begins its transformation from a pipe cranes and structures carved into a beautiful bouquet of 19 pm, 8:30-10:30 continued until at least Saturday . Around 18 on Sunday, the fleet will leave the construction site to the west along the Sierra Madre Boulevard on the way to Orange Grove in Pasadena. There, between 68 and 37 float tanks from 43 to slide along the Colorado.

Float theme this year the parade is closely related, “Just Imagine”. Called “the imagination of color” seems to be another winner Rose Float local association.

City of Sierra Madre Rose Parade was represented in the 94 years since 1917, but entered a float in the last 79 parades. The city has built itself, but its four inputs. Nine of the fleet has received special recognition in recent years, and six of these scholarships have been accumulated over the past six years.

According to the Association of the park, Sierra Madre float and celebrate its unique ability to use their imagination to create magical worlds of us ordinary objects. While the children play, imagine painting colorful butterflies swirl of growth.

Floating flower horticulture covered include roses, orchids Cattleya, carnations, chrysanthemums and iris petals of a button.Results of butterflies swirling that extends from the front of the float will show a mixture of young mothers, mother button, eyelets and other colorful valentines flowers 2012 Florigene. Butterfly wings are covered with Perpetua, calendula petals, rice static, soil and other dry mixes. In total, the float containing 10,000 chrysanthemums, carnations, 10000, 10000, full of roses iris, daisies, gerbera, germination, Liatris and Bells of Ireland.

On board the Princess Julianna will float Gough, Kacey Benson, Janzen and Tracey Unel Alisa.

All volunteer organization that designs, builds and decorates the entrance to the parade in the city, follow local participation.Volunteers are welcome, as always visitors Float Barn at 587 E.Sierra Madre Blvd. Donations are also welcomed by the Association.

Robert Young, the current president of the Sierra Madre Rose Float Association, said: “We are looking for financial support so they can better represent the Sierra Madre Parade 2012”.Building own fleet is just one of the few in the parade. “This partnership of volunteers, has a huge representation of the beautiful Sierra Madre,” the young.

Sierra Madre Rose Float Association donations are tax deductible as a non-profit 501 (c) (3) of the State. Donations can be made to the barn float or e-mail your contribution to the Rose Float Association Sierra Madre, PO Box 603, Sierra Madre, California, 91025.

Be sure to float the barn to see the action then takes place along the parade route on January 2.


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